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November 8, PARMA - BC Enisey, tip-off 19:30

On November 8, men's team of Enisey Basketball Club will play an away game as part of the 2020/21 regular season of the VTB United League. We meet with the PARMA from Perm, the game starts at 19:30 Krasnoyarsk time.

Broadcast: TV Start, vtb-league.com

Pavel Dergachev will again act as head coach. Doctor advised another week of recovery for Drazen Anzulovich after close examination. Mitusov and Yakushin have a temperature of more than 39 degrees, at the moment they are passing the tests and undergo in-depth medical examinations in order to figure out the issue and Ivan Viktorov will remain in Krasnoyarsk to get back into his game form.


At the start of the season, PARMA managed to play only two games, winning both. For the first time in history, the Permians beat CSKA Moscow (95:97), making an incredible comeback from losing -22 points, and then defeated «Avtodor» Saratov (70:93) and earned themselves second spot in the standings.

The leaders of the Perm team are American Robert Johnson - 15.5 points + 2.5 assists, Russian center Vladimir Ivlev - 4.5 rebounds + 3 points and forward Nikolai Zhmako - 7.5 points + 5.5 assists.

Drazen Anzulovich, head coach of BC Enisey:

I have deep respect for PARMA. Having watched the first games of this season, I want to note that they played as a whole, fought all together. And they deserve respect for a worthy victory over CSKA.

I expect my players to have a different attitude and a different mood for our trip to Perm than in previous outings. Yes, there are objective reasons that, due to a lack of physical condition, they to some extent tried to pace their strength and stamina and therefore used energy incorrectly and were not ready to play in the state needed for the game, I was unhappy with this in Kazan too, and with CSKA.

I hope and think that we will be ready to show a different attitude and a different game on this trip.

Source: Press service BC Enisey