30.09.2021, 23:37     Read: 73

TWO WINS in friendly matches with BC Novosibirsk

This weekend the Men's Team Enisey held two friendly matches against BC Novosibirsk, in both of which they won.

BC Enisey - BC Novosibirsk 80:70 (18:15, 23:13, 15:21, 24:21)

BC Enisey - BC Novosibirsk 92:81 (31:23, 19:12, 26:20, 16:26)

Drazen Anzulovic, Enisey head coach:

Today was much better than yesterday. Three quarters played well, in the fourth, when they were tired, they could not control the game. I am very angry, how the team spent the last quarter, did not think, could not do anything on the court, did not show character.

Cuard Timofei Gerasimov on the first friendly games in our video review:


Source: Press service BC Enisey