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Dmitry Sonko continue to play for BC Enisey

Dmitry Sonko continue to play for BC Enisey

The young (20 years old) Russian forward is a graduate of the BC Enisey school, has gone through all the links of the system. Last season, Sonko again played for both the youth and the main team of the club. As part of the youth team, the basketball player entered the floor in 17 meetings of Youth League VTB with final statistics of 21.8 points, 7.8 rebounds, 3.9 assists and 2.2 steals in 31 minutes. The percentage of realized 2-point shots - 44.9, free throws - 81.2.

The athlete's average statistics for the base is 1.1 points + 0.1 rebounds + 0.1 steals in 4 minutes in nine matches of the VTB EL championship.


Dmitry Sonko was born on May 8, 2001 in Zelenogorsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory).

Height - 197 cm. Weight - 86 kg.


2016-2019 - Enisey-DUBL (Krasnoyarsk Territory)

2018-2021 - Enisey-2 (Krasnoyarsk Territory)

2020/2021 - Enisey (Krasnoyarsk Territory)

Drazen Anzulovic, BC Enisey head coach:

- Over the past year, Sonko has certainly acquired new knowledge and experience necessary for VTB League. We expect further progress in the game from him. I hope he will use his chance, which he will definitely get.

Dmitry Sonko, BC Enisey forward:

- Last year was my first in EL VTB and I am glad of the opportunity given, thanks to Vladimir Petrokovsky and the entire coaching staff. Over the past season, I learned a lot from my teammates and began to feel more confident, both on the floor and outside. The goals for the season are to play and enjoy the games, develop and learn new things every day.


Source: Press service BC Enisey