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Enisey terminated the agreement with Savovic

Basketball club Enisey terminated the agreement with Savovic.

We wish the player good health and a successful career.

Drazen Anzulovich, head coach of the Yenisei:

- Boris Savovic left the team's location 4 days before the start of the season, as he had health problems during a training camp in Croatia, due to which he was unable to join the team and missed training there. We are very sorry that this happened because he was a very important player for this system that we want to play in. Of course, we wish him good health, to solve all his problems as soon as possible.

However, this put us in a bad position, because we lost one of the defining players in the system. Although we work diligently with agents, we look at the players, unfortunately, it is very difficult for us to find a suitable candidate. Those proposals that exist either do not suit us, or the players themselves do not agree.

But I am pleased with the work of the Russian players who are very helpful and work very hard in training and at games. Also, our Americans are progressing. They are gaining shape compared to how they came here at the beginning of the season. But you need to understand that at VTB League, a lot depends on high quality players, who are often foreigners. We are one of the few teams that only play with 4 legionnaires and this, of course, affects our overall quality of play. But we are working and hope that in the near future we will announce the signing of one or even two players, although I cannot say that this will happen in the coming days.

Source: Press service BC Enisey