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November 7, 20:00: Lokomotiv Kuban - Enisey

The Men's team went to Krasnodar, where on November 7 they will play a match against Lokomotiv-Kuban as part of the regular VTB United League Championship.

Broadcast: Match! Game, World of Basketball, vtb-league.com

Drazen Anzulovic, BC Enisey head coach:

- Every game has a chance to win. In Krasnodar, we need to show ourselves much better than in the last match against Zenit. We analyzed, dismantled Loko - the team must show good basketball.

Lokomotiv-Kuban is a serious team, they have a lot of foreigners, and the leaders are playing very well. McCollum, Thompson, Kidd - these are three defenders who are gaining points plus an interesting young player Stas Ilnitskiy.


Source: Press service BC Enisey