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Ivan Viktorov underwent surgery

The defender of BC Enisey Ivan Viktorov was operated on. The talus-peroneal ligament was sutured, which caused the talus to fly out. Operation was successfully completed. He will be in a cast for the next five weeks, after which the recovery phase will begin.

Drazen Anzulovic, head coach of BC Enisey:

This is a rather serious injury and a great loss for us. After the first two games of the season, the team went into quarantine due to the pandemic situation. After leaving, Ivan felt a very strong pain in the ankle. We used various methods of treatment, several times he tried to return to the training process. But, unfortunately, the pain was so intense that he could not cope.


In this situation, support is incredibly important.

We wish Ivan a speedy recovery and return to the site!

Источник: Press service BC Enisey