You can’t talk about establishment and development of basketball in Krasnoyarsk without mentioning the name of Vasiliy Vasilievich Repita. It was his youth team that won zonal tournament for the first time in Krasnoyarsk basketball history. Vasiliy Vasilievich himself, Krasnoyarsk Physical Education College graduate, learned the game under guidance of coaches Valentin Ivanovich Telyatnikov and Karl Ivanovich Lener. Repita was so passionate about the game, that he devoted the rest of his life to it.

 In 1956 Vasiliy Vasilievich worked as a PE trainer in school 46, where he started a basketball section. Grigoriy Abramovich, Vladimir Talanov and Viktor Zuev have to be singled out among his first trainees. One can’t help mentioning that Eduard Guschin, who went on to win bronze Olympic medal in shot put, was a part of that team. Repita believes the above mentioned class of ’46, who won RSFSR zonal tournament, and finished 12 out of 16 in the Finals, to be one of his best. Evgeniy Kulikov, Vladimir Popov and Vladimir Brovkin (former coach of ladies team “Medic”, the origin of “Shelen”) starred in that team. Pundits consider that generation a beginning of Krasnoyarsk Basketball Academy.

 In 1947 young basketball players made a huge step forward and finished fourth in All-Russian championship, which undoubtedly was a huge achievement. Yuriy Nevkin, Vladimir Krasnov, Alexander Klubov and Vladimir Astashkin were the leaders in the team of the regional centre. A few times team went close to winning the championship, but it was 1951 when they they finally overcame that hurdle. During the Finals in Cheboksary Team Krasnoyarsk managed by Vasiliy Repita finished third. People still talk about the outstanding performances of young Gennadiy Ladanov, Sergey Maslennikov, Sergey Padara, Gennadiy Kazantsev and Vladimir Smely! Next year Team Krasnoyarsk finished second, losing the ultimate game to Team Moscow by 10 points. This success went unrepeated until 2006, when youngsters won the Finals under Valeriy Pavlovskiy.

 The following years gave Krasnoyarsk basketball a generation of real sport stars, who went on to shine on the world stage. Among the class of ’62 stood out Sergey Ivanov, future Toronto World Championship runner-up, and in 1958 academy welcomed Sergey Tarakanov, who would later become World and Olympic champion. The name of USSR youth championship runner-up Igor Sologub is worth mentioning as well as those of European Youth Championship winner Alexander Meleshkin and a member of USSR your team Sergey Khlebopashnikov. It is a great shame that they became huge basketball stars so far from home.

 It has to be mentioned that Krasnoyarsk Basketball Academy graduates played for top division clubs: Pavel Vasiliev and Evgeniy Razumov (Team Leningrad), Alexander Sundukov (Dinamo Chelyabinsk), Alexander Slobodchikov (Shakhter Cheremkhovo), Evgeniy Kurilov (Lokomotiv Mineralnye Vody and Ural-Great Perm) as well as many others.

 First steps in All-Russia arena were made in 1952 by Krasnoyarsk Senior Basketball Team, competing in second group of RSFSR championship. Teams “Medic” and ”Science” played in republic tournaments. It has to be mentioned, though, that they didn’t achieve any huge success, finishing in the bottom half of the table.

 The new dawn of Krasnoyarsk basketball came in season 1979/80, when team “Polytechnic” of Krasnoyarsk Polytechnical Institute was created. Sergey Ivanov, Vadim Vashko, Igor Subbotin, Oleg and Andrey Nuzhdov made the team tick. Viktor Denisovich Kurilov was appointed as a head coach in 1979 and under his management team made a huge leap forward. Since 1982 “Polytechnic” entered the USSR Cup for Siberia and Far East zones. In 1984 Krasnoyarsk team had successful qualifiers and had a chance to be promoted to the Class A Group 1. They couldn’t do that at the first attempt, but had no problems the following year.

 Krasnoyarsk players were used to being among medals during their time in Class A. 1986 was the year when the current Club President Vladimir Petrakovskiy joined. First serious success came in 1988. Polytechnic won the Finals of USSR Cup for Siberia and Far East in Neryungri. Every player was awarded the title of USSR Master of Sports: Lyakhov, Vashko, Nechepurenko, Petrokovskiy, Siluyanov, Sundukov, Tarasenkov, Fedorov, Oldakovskiy, Subbotin, Bukarev, Rudenko, Mokraguzov, Ponomarev, Varygin.

 The new dawn of Krasnoyarsk basketball came on January, 26 in 1989, when the Men’s Senior team was moved from Polytechnical Institute to a better financially developed “Krastyazhmash” factory and took its name. But finances only weren't enough, higher quality of players was required. That’s why in 1989 Valeriy Chernyshev was invited from Dinamo. The target was to reach the top. At the end of 1990 season “Krastyazhmash” were promoted to the first league. Next year was a real success for Krasnoyarsk players playing in a better division. They were on top after the first round of games and the gap between them and the next team was 8 points. The team from the city on the shores of Enisey were contenders for promotion to the top league but political situation in the country ruined their plans.

 Season 1991/92 wasn’t finished. In a new tournament that replaced the old one Krasnoyarsk team finished fourth and won the right to play in Division B. Next year the club under the name “Escavo” were one step away from promotion, but were beaten to the punch by Shakhter.

 Since autumn 1993 the Krasnoyarsk team changed its name to Enisey. In 1993/94 season team from the banks of a great Siberian river went on their first tour abroad. They went to Mexico, where they took part in an international tournament with Cuba national team, Mexico youth team and an American club. Siberians finished third. After that Enisey toured American cities. That trip helped them a lot and they went on to finish fourth in top division during 1994/95 season.

In 1995/96 season, when Superleague was formed in Russia, Enisey started in Division A. They went abroad for pre-season once again. They went to Austria that time, where they played American clubs and both national and youth Austria teams. Our team ended up respectable runner-ups. Krasnoyarsk players finished second in qualification stage of Russian championship and went on to fight for promotion to the Superleague in Final Four. Unfortunately lady luck turned against them during the tournament held in Kazan,

 Before the start of the following 1996/97 season Enisey took part in another international tournament, this time in China. Krasnoyarsk team played Chinese and Korean teams there. 11 games were played in total. Enisey were on another level there and finished first, winning every game. During the regular season Enisey finished fourth again. Next year Russian Basketball Federation made a decision to enhance the Superleague, so Enisey won the right to compete in Eastern Zone of the Superleague.

Here are the results of Enisey in championships and cups:

  • 1993/1994 – Division B runners-up (head coach Alexander Sundukov)
  • 1994/1995 – Division B 4th place (head coachAlexander Sundukov)
  • 1995/1996 – Division A runners-up (head coach Sergey Ivanov)
  • 1996/1997 – Division A 4th place (head coach Viktor Kurilov)
  • 1997/1998 – Superleague debut, Eastern Zone 7th place, 17th overall (head coachViktor Kurilov)
  • 1998/1999 – Eastern Zone 5th place, 9th in East-West group, 13th overall (head coachViktor Kurilov)
  • 1999/2000 – Eatern Zone 6th place, 7th in Superleague Group B, 3rd place in Group E, 15th overall (head coach Sergey Ivanov)
  • 2000/2001 – 21st overall place in Superleague (head coach Sergey Ivanov)
  • 2001/2002 – Superleague Division B 5th place, 15th overall (head coach Vladimir Petrokovskiy)
  • 2002/2003 – Superleague B 4th place, 14th overall (head coach Vladimir Petrokovskiy);
  • 2003/2004 – Superleague B 5th place (head coach Vladimir Petrokovskiy), for the first time in their history Enisey played CSKA Moscow, the greatest team in Russia.
  • 2004/2005 – Superleague B runners-up (head coach Vladimir Petrokovskiy), Enisey reach the quarter-finals in the Russian Cup, where they eventually lost to a Superleague A club UNICS Kazan.
  • 2005/2006 – Superleague B runners-up (head coach Vladimir Petrokovskiy), last 16 in the Russian Cup, lost to Dinamo Moscow.
  • 2006/2007 – Superleague B champions (head coach Vladimir Petrokovskiy, senior coach Pavel Dergachev, players: Denis Davydov, Sergey Chudinovskikh, Dmitriy Ivanov, Evgeniy Korshunov, Dmitriy Shishlov, Andrey Fabrichnov, Pavel Krykov, Alexander Krylov, Denis Belyaev, Alexander Anisimov, Vladislav Solovjev, Pavel Zakamov, Dmitriy Dogadin, Evgeniy Kurilov), Enisey reached quarter-finals in the Russian Cup, where they lost two-legged tie to a Superleague A club Lokomotiv-Rostov.

Season 2019/2020

BC Enisey Men’s Team

BC Enisey appointed a new Head Coach before the start of 2019/20 season. Famous Croat Drazen Anzulovic came in to replace Oleg Okulov after four years in charge of the senior team.

2019 Summer transfer work was hard, but fruitful. Club managed to keep half of the previous season’s squad with Denis Zakharov, Artem Komissarov, Ivan Viktorov, Ilya Popov, Sergei Mitusov and Igor Kanygim signing on for another year. After 12 month’s break Aleksandr Gudumak came back to Krasnoyarsk. The spine of the six Russian players allowed the Club to build on its legacy and the newcomers allowed the new Head Coach to put together a refreshed side.

After a year’s absence Enisey returned to European stage in FIBA Europe Cup as well continuing its journey in one of the strongest leagues in European basketball, VTB United League.

First part of the season turned out very successful for Drazen Anzulovic’s troops. Enisey got off to a flying start having beaten CSKA, followed by two more major scalps of Lokomotiv and UNICS in front of packed Arena Sever.

January put the team in a difficult situation. Packed schedule of three games a week as well as injuries to key players led to a losing streak, which Enisey managed to get out of only by the end of February.

It’s hard to predict how the season would have ended for our players but for the Coronavirus pandemic. Enisey were knocked of the FIBA Europe Cup in the Second Round and finished ninth in the VTB United League, one win away from the fifth spot.

BC Enisey 2019/20 Squad:

Garlon Green, Aleksandr Gudumak, Ilya Usoltsev, Artem Komissarov, Ivan Viktorov, Tomislav Zubcic, Denis Zakharov, Dustin Morgan Hogue, Igor Kanygin, Ilya Popov, Chavaughn Lewis, Dmitry Sonko, Sergei Mitusov, Nikola Rebic.

Coaching staff:

Drazen Anzulovic, Pavel Dergachev, Sergey Vasilyev, Mate Psaric, Igor Chernenko, Vadim Topolya.

BC Enisey Ladies’ Team

Ladies’ Team continued its journey under Head Coach Olga Shuneikina in 2019/20 season, which became her eighth year in charge.

Players for the second time in Club’s history managed to reach the Round of 16 in FIBA EuroCup Women, where they were beaten on aggregate score by Valencia of Spain.

Russian Premier League saw 50% win rate for our players, just like the season before, which led to a fifth place finish in the strongest European league. Executive Committee of Russian Basketball Federation decided to put an end to the season because of the pandemic, with final standings coming from the Regular Season table without Play-Offs.

BC Enisey Ladies’ Team 2019/20 squad:

Aleksandra Varaksina, Sabina Abaidullina, Darya Koloskova, Ekaterina Kiryanova, Aleksandra Marchenkova, Ciara Linskens, Firuza Bekmetova, Aleksanra Shtanko, Iana Pashkovskaia, Danielle McCray, Ekaterina Kuzmenkova, Sigrid Koizar, Alisa Latzgal.

Coaching staff:

Olga Shuneikina, Sergei Mukhaev, Aleksandr Shundeev, Vitaliy Galushkin.

Season 2018/2019

Men's Team

Season 2018/19 saw Enisey Men's Team participating in VTB United League and finishing 9th out of 14 teams.

VTB United League

26 games – 11 wins, 15 defeats

VTB United League Regular Season wasn't easy for the team. It was difficult to start the year in the winning way as traditionally first opponents were league leaders CSKA and Khimki. However the third game of the season saw the first win over Parma. It was followed by wins against Zielona Gura, Tsmoki-Minsk and VEF, which allowed Siberians to improve their league position. Biggest disappointment of the first half of the season was home defeat by Kalev, which proved to be decisive for the final position in the league table.

January saw another two important wins against Astana at home and Zielona Gura away, but they were followed by difficulties for Oleg Okulov's team, which led to defeats in key games against Kalev, Nizhny Novgorod and Parma.

Enisey finished strongly. Siberians have beaten Nizhny Novgorod, Tsmoki-Minsk and Avtodor at home as well as VEF and Khimki away. To add to that Enisey lost only by two points against Zenit and luck went against them at the end of the Astana game.

Final 9th place in the league table allowed the team to return to European stage to play in FIBA Europe Cup.

Squad: Sergei Mitusov, Denys Lukashov, Ivan Viktorov, John Roberson, D'Angelo Harrison, Vasilii Zavoruev, Alex Young, Artem Komissarov, Denis Zakharov, Aleksandr Lavnikov, Gleb Goldyrev, Igor Kanygin, Ilya Popov, Michael Bruesewitz, Martins Meiers.

Coaching staff: Oleg Okulov, Pavel Dergachev, Sergei Vasilyev, Evgeny Kalinin, Igor Chernenko, Vadim Topolya.


Ladies' Team

Season 2018/19 saw Enisey Ladies' Team participate in FIBA EuroCup Women and Russian Premier League. Let's look at them.

FIBA EuroCup Women

8 games – 5 wins, 3 defeats

Group D first place

1st Play-Off Round

Stephanie Mavunga in the Team of the Season.

Ladies' Team came one step off previous year's achievement of 2nd Play-Off Round. Krasnoyarsk team delivered a confident group stage progression. Having won 4 out 5 opening games Olga Shuneikina's team booked the top spot in Group D, where they faced Turkish Orman and Mersin as well as Sepsi from Romania. Play-Offs saw a contest against top Slovakian team Ruzomberok. In accordance with the draw Enisey played first leg away and were beaten 74:80 by Slovakians. Return leg in Krasnoyarsk saw a home team win 74:72, but it wasn't enough for Siberians to progress against famous Slovakian team on aggregate.

Russian Premier League

31 games- 14 wins, 17 defeats

Regular Season 6th place

Play-Off Quarter-Finals

7th position in the overall standings

Things didn't go so well in the Regular Season for the team because of PG Marina Goldyreva's injury. It was a very succesfull start – 4 wins out 5. However from the second part of December Krasnoyarsk team had to play without main pointguard, which led to January defeats by MBA of Moscow and Inventa from Kursk. It was these results, which defined the final standings. Olga Shuneikina's team couldn't repeat the success of the previous year, holding on to the 4th position and finished 6th with 9 wins and 9 defeats.

Krasnoyarsk team faced Nadezhda Orenburg in Quarter-Finals. First game in Krasnoyarsk saw Enisey lose 79:96. However Shuneikina's team didn't put their hands down in away matches and won first game in Orenburg 82:75. Last match was decided in the dying moments. With less than a minute to go our team defended succesfully and went on a counter, which could have brought the win, but Darya Namok's shot didn't find the target and Nadezhda managed to steal the win on the counter to qualify for Semi-Finals. Our team remained one step away from prevoius year's achievement.

5-10 Play-Off Round saw a lot of injuries for the Ladies' team. Enisey didn't show their best basketball and finished 7th overall.

Coming season will give Krasnoyarsk supporters a chance to see our Ladies in Russian Premier League and FIBA EuroCup Women again.


Roster: Ksenia Levchenko, Marina Goldyreva, Anzhela Yakimova, Tatyana Grigoreva, Olga Vorobyeva,Daria Namok, Ekaterina Kirianova, Natalia Dorovskikh, Aleksandra Marchenkova, Veronika Dorosheva, Victoriia Ponamarchuk, Myisha Hines-Allen, Stephanie Mavunga.  

Coach Staff: Olga Shuneikina, Valerii Tcibulevskii, Sergei Mukhaev, Vitaly Galushkin, Alexander Shundeev.

Season 2017/2018

Men’s Team

The 2017/18 season turned out to be one of the most difficult in the history of the Club. Recruitment was a relative success - team managed to keep several leading Russian players and foreigners, to add to that Denis Zakharov returned to Krasnoyarsk after a year out. 

Enisey made their debut in the Vasketball Champions League in autumn. Our team were drawn into one of the toughest groups, two teams out of which managed to reach the Final Four. Krasnoyarsk basketball-goers will remember the home game against Lithuanian Juventus for a long time, when boys from Siberia managed to claw back 15 points deficit in the last minutes of the game. But in general BCL debut turned out to be a failure - Oleg Okulov’s team finished bottom of their group. 

VTB League has one of the most competitive seasons in its history - almost all of the teams were fighting for Play-Off spots and Krasnoyarsk team lacked two victories to get to the knockout stage.

Coaching staff: Oleg Okulov, Pavel Dergachev, Sergey Vasilyev, Evgeny Kalinin, Igor Chernenko, Vadim Topolya.
Squad: Sergei Mitusov, Zabian Dowdell, Mark Lyons, Matic Rebec, Gleb Goldyrev, Vasilii Zavoruev, Vitaly Liutych, Denis Zakharov, Anthony Hilliard, Vladimir Pochkurov, Aleksandr Pavlov, Alexander Gudumak, Artem Komissarov, Suleiman Braimoh, Octavius Ellis, Igor Kanygin, Martins Meiers.


Ladies’ Team

For the first in BC Enisey history Ladies’ Team finishes fourth in the Premier League and qualified for the Round of 16 in FIBA EuroCup Women.

It’s difficult to miss team’s achievement in Regular Season of 2017/18 Premier League. Krasnoyarsk girls finished fourth and it was not only the best result in the history of the Club, but possibly the best realistic position in the realities of Russian Women basketball. Three grands of Russian basketball, UGMK, Dinamo Kursk and Nadezhda Orenburg have the biggest budgets and best European and American international players, hence fourth spot in reality is the best of the rest. 

Regular Season of the Premier League saw Enisey Ladies winning ten out of their twenty games, eight of them in front of the Krasnoyarsk basketball-goers, as Olga Shuneikina’s players lost only two games at home - against UGMK and Dinamo Kursk. 

Our girls managed to achieve same consistency in the FIBA EuroCup, winning five out of ten games and achieved another historic first - qualification for the Round of 16 Play Off stage. 

Premier League stats saw Enisey third in the 3pt shot charts with 34% with only UGMK and Dinamo Kursk in front. One of these long shots delivered a memorable away victory over MBA, importance of which is impossible to undermine. 

At the end of the Regular Season Olga Shuneikina’s players managed to beat one of the three leaders of Russian basketball - Nadezhda. Orenburg Team was left behind that season in competition for first and second, however third spot remains a given for them at the moment.  The more value this victory has, giving more strength and confidence to the team. 

After the end of the season Head Coach Olga Shuneikina and playmaker Marina Goldyreva that team chemistry helps dealing with tiredness. Enisey Ladies looked a good unit and showed positive team play. Team chemistry shone brightly and could be seen in lots of pictures. 

BC Enisey has eventful Play-Offs as well. Krasnoyarsk players beat Sparta and Co Vidnoe in the most competitive three-game series in the Quarter-Finals. Semi-Finals saw two losses to UGMK of Ekaterinburg and there were good competitive games in the third place playoffs against Nadezhda Orenburg. 

That set of matches could have gone on for one more game, but opponents managed to win the third game with a buzzer-beater.

Coach Staff: Olga Shuneikina, Valerii Tcibulevskii, Sergei Mukhaev, Vitaly Galushkin, Alexander Shundeev.
Roster: Marina Goldyreva, Anzhela Yakimova, Kseniia Kunakova, Ekaterina Kirianova, Daria Namok, Alexandra Marchenkova, Veronika Bylova, Shannon Mc Callum, Viktoriia Edomakha, Evgeniia Tarasenko, Natalia Dorovskikh, Laura Svaryte, Yulia Kiseleva, Jacinta Monroe, Natalia Anoikina.

Season 2016/2017

Before the start of 2016/17 season Club had to face some very unusual difficulties  apart from the usual ones of strengthening both Men's and Ladies’ teams. May 2016 saw Yarygina Sports Palace, which had hosted matches for 8 years, came under reconstruction for 2019 Universiade. September 2016 saw Basketball Club Enisey move to Arena Sever, which was turned from ice arena to multifunctional.

Club General Manager Vladimir Petrokovskiy and coaching staff of Oleg Okulov and Pavel Dergachev worked in a transfer market and managed to keep fan-favourites Aleksandr Pavlov, Alexey Vzdykhalkin, Vladimir Pichkurov and Tony Taylor. After two years away Vasilii Zavoruev came back to the team and was immediately made captain. Both young Russian players and foreign ones were also among the new signings.

Season got underway for Oleg Okulov’s men with a home game against CSKA Moscow. Although it wasn’t a success, neither was it a failure, however next away game against UNICS Kazan turned out to be a complete disaster. Both players and Head Coach named several reasons for this 40 points beating later, it importantly kickstarted the season and several days later Enisey came back to achieve a fantastic away victory against Lokomotiv.

Siberian team continued their successful run on every front. First two group stages of FIBA Europe Cup came and went without any nerves, and VTB League Regular Season saw Krasnoyarsk Club move up the table with a positive win-loss ratio, constantly increasing the win percentage.

Play-Offs of FIBA Europe Cup became a real challenge. Round of 16 tie against Demir Insaat of Turkey was decided by a 3-point buzzer beater from Alexey Vzdykhalkin at the end of second overtime. Quarter-Finals saw Oleg Okulov’s team face a Belgian powerhouse Oostende. Unfortunately Krasnoyarsk team failed to hold on to a 12 point lead in an away leg and got knocked out of the competition.

VTB League games were quite eventful as well. Boys from Siberia managed to win most of their home games, having lost only against CSKA, Zenit, Lokomotiv and Khimki at Arena Sever. Several losses were very hard to take: overtime in Astana, buzzer-beater against Lokomotiv, fatigue in Saratov and Riga. Fans began to dream about 4th or 5th place finish, but a confident home win against UNICS saw the Club finish 6th in VTB League Regular Season.

Play-Offs saw Oleg Okulov’s men face Khimki. Match of April 4 was a fire-cracker, which was broadcasted live on a main national tv channel, MatchTV. Siberian guys went in front several times, including 8 mins before the end of the normal time. Much better known Khimki came up with no answer apart from outstanding performance from Alexey Shwed, who single handedly delivered the result for his team. Game finished with 91:84 score. After the game Okulov’s team lost its first choice center Frank Elegar with a wrist injury and lost the series 3:0.

Season, which started with a slogan “This is new basketball” delivered a colossal amount of emotions for the supporters and general sport goers. Enisey became a unit, which was capable of being not only efficient but an eye-catching as well. Frank Elegar was named in the Team of the Regular Season. Suleiman Braimoh was named best number 6. Most of the players managed to blossom - young and perspective Igor Kanygin and Vladislav Trushkin, experienced Vasilii Zavoruev and Tony Taylor. Most of the bench players had one of the best seasons of their lives, having progressed with the Club.

Coaching staff: Oleg Okulov, Pavel Dergachev, Sergey Vasilyev, Evgeny Kalinin, Vadim Topolya, Igor Chernenko.
Squad: Tony Taylor, Denys Lukashov, Sergei Mitusov, Vasilii Zavoruev, Anthony Hilliard, Alexey Vzdykhalkin, Vladimir Pichkurov, Alexandr Martynov, Vladislav Trushkin, Aleksandr Pavlov, Andrey Koshcheev, Suleiman Braimoh, Frank Elegar, Igor Kanygin.

Ladies’ Team, having made considerable changes, started its fifth season under Olga Shuneikina with a qualification tie in EuroCup Women. For three quarters of an away game against VBW CEKK Cegled in Hungary the score was even, but fourth quarter saw unexplainable breakdown - 39:16. The margin of 23 points turned out to be impossible to overturn in a return leg for Siberian girls.

Russian Premier League season was hot and cold. Krasnoyarsk players had spells of good form and confident wins, followed by unexpected home losses. A serious damage was caused by a season ending injury for Annalise Pickrel, who was a real engine for the team in the first part of the season. In her absence team couldn’t find their game and for the first time in three years failed to qualify for Play-Offs.

Coaching staff: Olga Shuneikina, Valeriy Tsybulevskiy, Sergei Mukhaev, Vataliy Galushkin, Aleksandr Shundeev.

Squad: Annalise Pickrel, Ekaterina Chistiakova, Ekaterina Kiryanova, Evgeniya Tarasenko, Evgeniya Korotygina, Natalya Dorovskikh, Milana Sumets, Ruzica Dzankic, Anna Nuzhnaia, Yulia Kiseleva, Miah-Marie Langlois, Daria Levchenko.

Season 2015/2016

Summer 2015 saw Men’s Team’s change at the helm. For the first time since February 2012 the Head Coach position was given to a Russian Oleg Okulov. Team changed drastically however keeping the spine of experienced and well-known Russian players for Krasnoyarsk fans.

Apart from VTB League team from Siberia took part in the inaugural FIBA Europe Cup season, which replaced the now dissolved EuroChallenge.

Enisey won 5 out 10 first games in the VTB league, putting themselves in the chasing pack for the Play-Offs spot. In the second half of the season team juggled comfortable wins like 110:65 agains BC VEF Riga, and sorry defeats.

The event of the season for the fans was home game against CSKA, where Club prepared a special show “High End Game - High End Music” with The Siberian State Symphony Orchestra.

Enisey finished 10th in the VTB League Regular Season. Our players fell 4 wins short of top 8 however Oleg Okulov’s team managed to improve on the previous season’s results.

FIBA Europe Cup became the main event of the season for Krasnoyarsk fans basketball lovers.

Oleg Okulov’s team progrèssed through the first two group stages confidently, making fans a little nervous at the end of the Round of 32. Enisey faced BC Kalev of Estonia, Lukoil Academic from Bulgaria and Israeli team Maccabi Rishon in Group H, qualifying from the second spot with 4 wins out of 6. Next round saw Enisey face more dangerous opponents - FoxTown Cantu of Italy, Elan Chalon from France and another Estonian team - Tartu Rock. Having lost first two games in the group, Enisey managed to dig themselves out of a hole by winning a spectacular home game against Italian Cantu and inflicting a required heavy defeat on Tartu in Estonia.

In the Round of 16 Enisey played Turk Telekom from Turkey and beat them both home and away, the team who were one of the best in competition statistically during the group stages.

Our players had to play even stronger opponents in the Quarter-Finals - legendary big-name Cibona from Croatia, three legged tie turned out to be a true basketball thriller, where Krasnoyarsk team came out on top.

Apart from Enisey there were three more teams in the Final Four: Fraport Skyliners of Germany, Varese from Italy and French team Elan Chalon, who hosted the event. Supporters wished the team all the best before they departed for France and despite it being long after midnight in Krasnoyarsk more than 200 fans came together came together at the Epicentre Cinema to watch the game.

Unfortunately at the end of the Semi-Final game against German Skyliners players from Siberia lost the game and a chance to go into the Final. In the 3rd Place game Enisey lost to a host team Elan Chalon. German team Fraport Skyliners became the winners of the inaugural FIBA Europe Cup.

Coaching Staff: Oleg Okulov, Pavel Dergachev, Evgeny Kalinin, Igor Chernenko, Vadim Topolya.

Players: Pavel Sergeev (team captain), Artem Isakov, Tony Taylor, Sergei Mitusov, Vladimir Pichkurov, Alexey Vzdykhalkin, Andrey Komarovskiy, Denis Zakharov, DJ Kennedy, Pavel Spiridonov, Aleksandr Pavlov, Delroy James, Anton Nestorenko, Tim Ohlbrecht, Artem Iakovenko.


Ladies’ Team steered for the fourth year by Olga Shuneykina started the season again in two competitions - Russian Premier League and FIBA EuroCup Women.

Our ladies showed progress again in both tournaments. In the Premier League they won 11 out of 22 games and finished 6th at the end of the Regular Season, which was not only the best ever achievement of the Club, but in the history of Krasnoyarsk Ladies basketball as well.

Krasnoyarsk team lost to a star studded Dinamo Kursk just like a year earlier, and in the 5-8th place tournament first lost to MBA Moscow and then beat Vologda-Chevakata twice to finish 7th.

In FIBA EuroCup Women our team won 5 out of 6 group games, whee hey met Tsmoki-Minsk of Belarus, Vologda-Chevakata from Russia and Turkish team Edirnespor.

In the Round of 32 our ladies played French team Nantes Reze. Enisey lost away game by 72:53, and won the return leg at home 68:64, however they didn’t progress to the net stage of the competition because according to FIBA EuroCup Women Regulations the tie-breaker was a goal difference.

Coaching Staff: Olga Shuneykina, Valeriy Tsibulevskiy, Sergey Mukhaev, Vitaliy Galushkin, Alexander Shundeev.

Players: Anastasia Pasynkova (team captain), Diana Sazonova, Natalia Grishkevich, Noemie Mayombo, Olga Vorobeva, Iuliia Poluianova, Elena Gogiya, Mariya Papova, Ekaterina Kiryanova, Irina Romanova, Evgeniia Shapovalova, Aleksandra Tarasova, Kennifer Hamson.

Season 2014/2015

By the start of the regular season Men’s Team coaching staff of Stevan Karadzic and Pavel Dergachev managed to put together a capable team, who managed to win most of their games during the pre-season. Enisey Men’s Team were to take part in the VTB League and the last ever FIBA Europe EuroChallenge season.

VTB League had its format changed before the start of the season, starting from 2014 there were only 16 teams left without being divided in two groups. Such changes made the league more interesting by creating more competition for Play-Off spots with only top 8 teams qualified.

Enisey got the first win of the season in the third round after unsuccessful away games in Latvia and Saint Petersburg by hammering BC Bisons of Finland at home. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be a start of series of wins in the VTB League. Team from Siberia showed sharp attacking basketball with Bosnian center Elmedin Kikanovic and American point guard DJ Cooper quickly becoming key players and fans favourites. This pair were tearing opponents’ defences apart with their Pick-n-Rolls, however Enisey gave away victories in several important home games against Play-Off rivals. Team from Krasnoyarsk had brilliant first halves of the games, outplaying opponents both in defence and offence, but things weren’t happening for Stevan Karadzic’s team in the second halves as if they were cursed. Enisey fell three wins short of reaching the top 8 during the regular VTB League season. The team finished in the 11th spot, inflicting a resounding 83:101 away win on Khimki.

Things were different in EuroChallenge. Regular Season saw Siberians meet BC Siauliai from Lithuania, Usak Sportif of Turkey and Tsmoki-Minsk from Belarus. Having won 4 out 6 games, Enisey qualified for the Last 16 round from the top of their group and were drawn together in Group L with TS Medical Park of Turkey and two Belgian teams - Antwerp Giants and Belfius Mons-Heinaut. Fight for Play-Offs was hot; Enisey beat both Belgian teams away and Turkish club at home and progressed to the next stage with three wins.

Stevan Karadzic’s men had to face German team Fraport Skyliners in the Quarter-Final Play Offs. In the first away game our team fell a little short, losing by 77:74. In the return leg Siberians beat team from Frankfurt comfortably at the Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace - 78:68. Third game turned out to be colourful and memorable. After the first half Enisey were 19 points up and cruising, however Skyliners pushed by their fans managed to come up with a minor miracle and grabbed the Final Four spot out of Enisey’s hands.

Coaching Staff: Stevan Karadzic, Pavel Dergachev, Evgeny Kalinin, Igor Chernenko, Vadim Topolya.

Players: Andrey Komarovskiy (team captain), Viacheslav Zaitcev, Pavel Sergeev, DJ Cooper, Georgiy Lachev, Fedor Kliuchnikov, Evgeny Kolesnikov, Terrico White, Aleksandr Pavlov, Sava Lesic, Elmedin Kikanovic, Kosta Perovich, Artem Iakovenko, Anton Nestorenko.

Ladies’ Team

Olga Shuneykina’s girls were about to play in the second season for the club in the Russian Premier-League as well as debut in the FIBA EuroCup Women.

Season turned out to be quite successful for the Enisey Ladies - they showed progress for the third season in a row.

Enisey Ladies won 6 out 18 games in the Premier-League and finished 7th, falling to Dinamo of Kursk in the Play-Offs.

In the FIBA EuroCup Women Siberians couldn’t progress to the Play-Offs, however they managed to get an historical first ever win on the European stage with Turkish team Botasspor comfortably beaten at home - 70:63 (04/12/14).

Coaching Staff: Olga Shuneykina, Valeriy Tsibulevskiy, Sergey Mukhaev, Vitaliy Galushkin, Alexander Shundeev.

Players: Anna Burchevskaia (team captain), Maja Miljkovic, Carissa Crutchfield, Olga Poleva, Nadezhda Maiorova, Svetlana Tokhtash, Olga Vorobeva, Ekaterina Lapshina, Irina Romanova, Elena Gogiya, Evgeniia Tarasenko (Shapovalova), Aleksandra Tarasova.

Season 2013/2014

During summer 2013 the head of the club Vladimir Petrokovskiy and the coaching staff of Stevan Karadzic and Pavel Dergachev managed to persuade long-standing leaders Andrey Komarovskiy and Elmedin Kikanovic as well as young talents Viacheslav Zaitcev, Maxim Krivosheev and Alexey Nesterov to stay at the club. Transfer work was successful, too. Three established Americans Corey Fisher, Christian Burns and Alex Renfroe as well as European Championship runner-up Serbian Kosta Perovic joined the club. Having strengthened the team with some quality players and two academy graduates, coaching staff looked ahead with sense of optimism. VTB League lied ahead and a target of a play-off spot was set.

 However it took some time for the team to find their rhythm. Krasnoyarsk players managed just 1 victory out of opening 6 games. Enisey managed to get on their bike in December, which was later called by media as a “sweet month” for Krasnoyarsk team. In the following four games Enisey beat Kalev of Estonia and Spartak St Petersburg away, enjoyed a hard-earned home victory against Nizhny Novgorod, and gave a sound beating to a Euroleague top 16 club Lokomotiv-Kuban in Krasnodar. Having undeservedly lost to UNICS 87:89, Krasnoyarsk players went back to business and went on a run that reassured their play-off spot, which was an historic achievement for Krasnoyarsk basketball.

 Success was based on a great team chemistry. Coaching staff did a great job of creating a team, where both Russians and foreigners, veterans and newcomers co-existed really well.

 Unfortunately luck turned against Krasnoyarsk team in the last 16 round against Krasnye Krylia. After an undeserved home loss, Enisey gave their all in a return leg in Samara. However phenomenal display by Aaron Miles, who scored first ever triple-double in the history of VTB League, proved to be a stumbling block.

 Nevertheless, Enisey reached a new level, proving themselves to be no more a dark horse, but a team capable of winning anyone and being real contenders for the play-off spot. Because of that success our team again won the right to play in a European tournament Eurochallenge the following season.

 2013/2014: VTB League Group A 5th place. Play-offs - last 16.

 Squad: Andrey Komarovskiy (captain), Vyacheslav Zaitcev, Maxim Krivosheev, Alexey Nesterov, Alexander Pavlov, Vasiliy Zavoruev, Georgiy Lachev, Anton Nestorenko, Corey Fisher, Alex Renfroe, Christian Burns, Elmedin Kikanovic, Kosta Perovic.

 Coaching staff: Stevan Karadzic, Pavel Dergachev, Igor Chernenko, Vadim Topolya.

 After a triumphant Superleague 2013 season women’s team were getting prepared to play in the Premierleague. Head coach Olga Shuneikina noted before the start of the season that no debutant team managed to win a game before spring for the past five years. According to statistics, debutants never win more than two games a season. Krasnoyarsk players managed to better both these unattractive stats. In the opening weeks of the season they managed two wins agains Spartak Noginsk, in the championship and the cup. Against better quality teams our girls showed some nice basketball, that made the whole country talk about them. Unfortunately midseason saw lots of key players injured, which made even the training process difficult. Having lost to play-off spot rivals Dinamo-GUVD in February, Enisey could only contest 9th place play-offs. They beat Spartak Noginsk 3 times out of 4 and drew a line under a pretty respectable first season in one of the top leagues in the world.

 This success made Russian Basketball Federation believe in Krasnoyarsk team. The following season would see another debut for them, this time on European stage, in EuroCup.

 2013/2014: Premierleague 9th place. Russian Cup quarter-finals.

 Squad: Nadezhda Mayorova, Ekaterina Kirianova, Anna Burchevskaya, Evgeniya Shapovalova, Anastasia Pasynkova, Maria Savina, Natalya Grishkevich, Elena Pavlova, Firusa Bekmetova, Elena Gogia, Irina Romanova, Maya Milkevich.

Coaching staff: Olga Shuneikina, Valeriy Tcybilevskiy, Vladimir Yanov.

Season 2012/2013

Summer 2012 saw major changes of the squad, and it was decided to try Russian specialist as a head coach. Vladislav Konovalov was given the job, though he resigned midway through the season and Stevan Karadzic was reappointed as a head coach.

 Enisey got into the Final Four of the Russian Cup for the second time in club’s history that season. Theybeat Dinamo Moscow twice in the last 16 stage, and got the better of Universitet-Ugra in the quarter-finals after two difficult games. However luck turned against Krasnoyarsk team in the semi-finals and they lost to Spartak St Petersburg in the dying moments. The 3rd place play-off game was also a negative result, this time against Spartak-Primorie.

 Enisey improved their results in their second VTB League season, finishing 7th in group B. They lost play-off deciders against Nizhny Novgorod and Triumph. These losses were vital to deciding the top 6.

 It was decided that in the following 2013/14 season team would compete in VTB League as well as Russian Cup.

 Women’s team had a brilliant first full season as Basketball Club Enisey. Olga Shuneikina was appointed as a head coach in summer 2012. Club decided to re-sign academy graduates Marina Momot, Nadezhda Mayorova and Evgeniya Shapovalova. After a difficult first half of the sea, Krasnoyarsk players found their rhythm and lost just once in 18 games from January till May. Enisey Women’s team won comfortably in the quarters, semis and the Final, winning Russian Superleague gold medals at the first time of asking. The following 2013/14 season would be the first for Enisey Women’s team on the elite level.

 2012/2013. Men’s team: Russian Cup 4th place. VTB League Group B 7th place. PBL championship 10th place. Head coach - Vladislav Konovalov (till February 2012), Stevan Karadzic.Squad: Andrey Komarovskiy (captain), Vyacheslav Zaitcev, Alexey Kotishevskiy, Maxim Krivosheev, Pavel Gromyko, Andrey Kuzemkin, Pyotr Gubanov, Alexey Nesterov, Vladislav Soloviev, Elmedin Kikanovic, Hasan Rizvic, Jason Rich, Zabian Dowdell, Davon Jefferson, Igor Smygin.

 Women’s team: Superleague 1st place. Head Coach - Olga Shuneikina, coach - Valeriy Tcibulevskiy. Anna Burchevskaya (captain), Anastasia Pasynkova, Daria Boyarkina, Nadezhda Mayorova, Marina Pasechnik, Ekaterina Kirianova, Natalya Ryshkova, Irina Romanova, Zhanna Byazrova, Natalya Grishkevich, Evgeniya Shapovalova, Anna Popel, Marina Momot, Larisa Yagovkina.

Season 2011/2012

Before the start of the 2011/12 season Enisey added Russian players Sergey Toporov, Ilya Syrovatko, Alexey Nesterov, Vyacheslav Zaitcev, Andrey Trushkin and foreigners Elmedin Kikanovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbian Marko Marinovic, Jasmin Hukic of Bosnia, who also had Slovenian passport and Israeli Afik Nissim.

 36-day long training camp took place in Serbia and Croatia, where the team played 9 friendlies, winning 5 of them. Return to Krasnoyarsk was brief, only for a week, as a serious challenged was waiting ahead. On September 27 Enisey played a VTB League qualification round in Siauliai, Lithuania, that lasted till October 2. This tournament turned out to be very successful for Enisey, they won 5 out of 5 games, losing only to Krasnye Krylia in a dead rubber game. For the first time in history, Enisey became a full-time member of the VTB League.

 Just 3 days later Enisey had to contest another qualifying tie. This time for Eurochallenge, third most important European trophy. Short rest period and a long trip from Lithuania to Vladivostok through 8 different time zones took their toll. Enisey lost an away leg to Spartak-Primorie heavily 58:78. At that moment it seemed as if Enisey could wave their European ambitions bye-bye, but Krasnoyarsk team showed brilliant basketball in a return leg, implying an even heavier defeat on their opponents 89:66, booking their spot in the Eurochallenge first group stage.

 The 2011/12 season was possibly the hardest in the modern history of the club. For the first time participating in three tournaments simultaneously, two of them international, team had an unusually tough schedule, playing every 3 days and clocking up thousands of air miles.

 Eurochallenge group stage didn’t turn out to be successful for our team with just 2 wins out of 6. A home loss against Romanian Mobitelco 73:81 was decisive. Had Enisey got the result, they would have progressed into the next round.

 Krasnoyarsk team were also drawn into a very difficult VTB League group. Enisey had to face European grands, champions of their countries CSKA Moscow, Prokom of Poland, Nymburk of Czech Republic and Lituanian runners-up Lietuvos Rytas. Debut season didn’t turn out into success, finishing 8th from 9 in the group and winning 3 out of 16 games.

 Club had some serious changes midway through the season. Stevan Karadzic was sacked in February, and his assistant Milan Kotarac was appointed as an interim until the end of the season. Two summer signings Afik Nissim and Jasmin Hukic left and were replaced with American playmaker Brian Chase and Serbian forward Dusan Sakota.

 Changes at the helm didn’t improve situation in the main tournament, Russian PBL championship. Nonetheless, new players and new coached helped the team to show character and put in some decent performances at home against Russian grands CSKA Moscow and UNICS Kazan. One of the biggest rivals of recent years Lokomotiv Krasnodar were beaten at home. As a result a tradition was preserved, strong Krasnodar team failed to get a result in Krasnoyarsk for the third year in a row.

 2011/2012 – Russian PBL championship 10th place. Head coach - Stevan Karadzic (till February 2012), interim head coach Milan Kotarac. Squad: centers – Lonny Baxter, Andrey Trushkin, forwards – Elmedin Kikanovic, Alexey Nesterov, Jasmin Hukic (till January 2012), Dusan Sakota (since January 2012), Sergey Toporov, Pavel Gromyko, guards – Andrey Komarovskiy, Marko Marinovic, Afik Nissim (till January 2012), Vyacheslav Zaitcev, Vladislav Soloviev, Ilya Syrovatko, Brian Chase (since January 2012).

Season 2010/2011

Despite Karadzic’s failure to improve the situation urgently and take the team into play-offs the previous year, Club Administration were happy with his work and gave him a one more year contract. Meanwhile Russian Basketball endured a period that some would call revolution and others - evolution. Ten leading clubs expressed their disappointment with the way Russian Basketball Federation organised the national championship and formed a new independent league with equal rights, instituted by clubs themselves. Over the summer clubs of Professional Basketball League created new Regulations, negotiated with the federation and established the way forward. As a result in late September of 2010 PBL and RBF signed a three-year deal to govern a new Russian National Championship.

 After becoming one of the PBL institutors Enisey, who failed to get into top 8 the previous season, pondered another European adventure. Having fulfilled all the necessary obligations, Club asked FIBA Europe permission to take part in Eurochallenge. However as the number of clubs willing to take part exceeded the number of allowed participants, Enisey was allowed only into play-off stage, where they had to face another Russian team Nizhny Novgorod.

 Squad was transformed during off-season. Enisey recruited new foreign players Serbians Dragan Labovic, Miroslav Raicevic and Americans Lonny Baxter and Marcus Williams, who came straight from one of the NBA teams.Dmitriy Nikolaev, Andrey Komarovskiy, Alexey Savkov, Sergey Demeshkin, Denis Belyaev, Pavel Krykov, Vladislav Soloviev extended their contracts with the club. Enisey added some young Russian talents such as Pavel Sergeev, who already made a name in professional basketball, and two hungry youngsters Pavel Gromyko and Konstantin Babynin.

 Team finished their holidays on August 2 and had a training camp in Serbia and Croatia from August 9 to September 16. During the pre-season Krasnoyarsk team played eight friendlies and won all of them. Enisey started the season with Eurochallenge qualifiers. The first game was scheduled for September 29 with the return leg on October 6. First leg finished with a rare result for basketball 92:92. Extra time would be played in Russian championship in such case, but because it was a two-legged tie the draw was allowed. Everything was to be decided in return leg in Krasnoyarsk. Unfortunately Nizhny Novgorod won the game with minimal advantage 82:85. Therefore Enisey left with only national competitions for season 2010/11, eventually showing good results in both league and cup. Early season disappointment turned out to be helpful and positive for the club.

 During the regular season Enisey achieved almost 50% of victories, winning 12 out of 27. For the first time in their history our team managed to crush such great teams as CSKA and KHIMKI 83:65 and 93:88 respectively. Enisey booked their place in play-offs a few games before the end of the regular season, finishing 6th. The draw put Enisey against big rivals Lokomotiv from Krasnodar. Everybody was expecting a miracle from Krasnoyarsk players and a place in the semi-finals, the men in white-blue shirts came close to delivering that over three games. Unfortunately tiredness and injuries caught up with the team and they lost (Lokomotiv 83:80 Enisey, Enisey 88:86 Lokomotiv, Lokomotiv 85:73 Enisey). Krasnoyarsk team outplayed Krasnye Krylia over three games in the next stage and guaranteed minimum 6th place finish. 5th place play-off put Enisey together with the team they opened the season against - Nizhny Novgorod, who managed a sensational victory against Spartak St Petersburg in the previous stage. Exhausted Krasnoyarsk players couldn't find it within themselves to better young impudent Novgorod team. Their final league position was 6th.

 Undoubtedly the highlight of the season was reaching the Final Four of the Cup and hosting the Finals in Krasnoyarsk for the first time in history. Krasnoyarsk players knocked out Ataman Rostov and die hards from Krasnye Krylia, though only on points difference. Club Administration went a long way in persuading RBF to give the Finals to the city on the river Enisey. In the end Russian basketball authorities left really pleased with the level of organisation shown by Krasnoyarsk. The only disappointment was the performance of the hosts, everybody was rooting for Enisey to reach the Final, but those predictions never materialised. As it was traditional that season Enisey lost 78:89 to Nizhny Novgorod, who again managed the improbable. Spartak won another semi-final and went on to claim the Cup. Enisey found their game and won the 3rd place play-off against Lokomotiv-Kuban, getting bronze medals.

 2010/2011 – Russian Championship 6th place, bronze medals of the Russian Cup. Head coach – Stevan Karadzic. Squad: centers – Lonny Baxter, Denis Belyaev, Pavel Krykov, forwards – Dragan Labovic, Miroslav Raicevic (until January 2011), Kevin Pinkney (since January 2011), Dmitriy Nikolaev, Sergey Demeshkin, Pavel Gromyko, Vladislav Soloviev, guards – Andrey Komarovskiy, Pavel Sergeev, Marcus Williams, Alexey Savkov, Konstantin Babynin.

Season 2009/2010

Having finished in top 8 the previous season, Enisey won the right to play in Europe. However there were some doubts that Krasnoyarsk team wouldn’t be allowed to participate due to our region being distant from Europe or asked to play home games in another city, as it had already happened to other teams. Therefore Vladimir Petrokovskiy with support from authorities and RBF had to go great length to convince FIBA Europe of seriousness of Club’s intentions and ability of Krasnoyarsk to stage European matches. Mission was successfully accomplished and everybody was looking forward to the draw. It happened on July 8 in 2009 in Barcelona. It was originally believed that as a debutant Enisey would have to pass a qualification stage to get into Eurochallenge proper. However our team got a pleasant surprise from organisers. FIBA Europe canceled qualification round and allowed Enisey straight into group stage. Krasnoyarsk team were drawn against Liege from Belgium, Romanian Asesoft Ploiesti and Donetsk of Ukraine.

 Given that Enisey were fighting on three fronts that year, especially the European one, work began on reshaping the squad, starting with the new head coach. Young Latvian coach Ainars Bagatskis replaced the Lithuanian. Denis Belyaev, Alexander Anisimov, Evgeniy Kurilov, Pavel Krykov and Pavel Zakamov continued their long-standing relationship with the club. Dmitriy Nikolaev, Alexey Savkov and Frederic Warrick also extended their contracts. Three Russian players with European experience were signed to strengthen the team: Sergey Demeshkin, Vladimir Dyachok and Andrey Komarovskiy. To the delight of the supporters their favourite Kaspars Kambala was convinced to stay and a good American playmaker Lionel Chalmers was added to the roster.

 Pre-season took place in Krasnoyarsk, Latvia and Croatia. Krasnoyarsk players won 2 out of 3 friendlies in the Baltic region, played three friendlies on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, winning two. Enisey also took part in in Cedevita Cup, where they lost to the hosts and a Bosnian club and finished fourth. While the team were preparing to a long season, serious changes took place in Club’s Administration. On August 31 in 2009 Basketball Club Enisey stopped being a municipal organisation and was turned into a regional one. As of that moment Club’s Institutors are the Administration of Krasnoyarsk Region and Enisey represents not only the city, but the whole region.

 Due to a difficult financial situation Superleague A had only 9 clubs in 2009/10 season, though each and every one of them played in European competitions. Krasnoyarsk team got off to a flying start in Eurochallenge. Enisey finished second in their group and qualified for the Last 16. This stage also was a group of four teams with home and away fixtures. Bagatskis’s men had French Chorale Roanne, Antwerp Giants of Belgium and Banvit from Turkey as they group opponents. Enisey had a real chance of progressing further into quarterfinals, but came up short with only 2 wins out of 6. However that season European exploits were deemed a success. Superleague wasn’t going so well for Enisey though, due to injuries and name other issues. After the second round of games Enisey had just 3 wins out of 14, so the head coach was replaced. Starting March 22 in 2010 Stevan Karadzic became the head coach. Serbian specialist shook the team up, winning 2 games of his first 3. However Enisey lost next three games and came up short in the hunt for the play-off spot, finishing 9th.

 Enisey also contested the Russian Cup that season. Team bowed out at the quarter-finals, losing to Krylia Sovetov of Samara twice 72:88 and 95:81.

 2009/2010 – Superleague 9th place. Head coach – Ainars Bagastkis (Aug 2009 - Mar 2010), Stevan Karadzic (since March 2010).Squad: centers – Kaspars Kambala, Denis Belyaev (captain), Pavel Krykov, forwards – Vladimir Dyachok, Dmitriy Nikolaev, Sergey Demeshkin, Pavel Zakamov, Vladislav Soloviev,guards – Andrey Komarovskiy, Alexey Savkov, Alexander Anisimov, Frederic Warrick, Lionel Chalmers, Evgeniy Kurilov.

Season 2008/2009

After a tough first season, the target set was even harder. Russian Basketball Federation ruled that after 2008/09 season Superleague A would have only 10 clubs and not 12. Therefore to avoid relegation Krasnoyarsk team had to improve their final standing by three places.

Lots of changes were made in the club in order to do that, the biggest was Vladimir Petrokovskiy leaving head coach position. Since summer 2008 Vladimir Vladimirovich held only the Club Director position and began looking for a new head coach. Meanwhile he was once again offered to assist Sergey Elevich with the national team. This time Petrokovskiy coached Russian-B team, that took part in pre-Olympics tournament in China.

In August the Club Director chose Lithuanian Algirdas Brazis to be the new head coach. Together they worked on recruiting. Only half of the players from the previous season stayed at the club: Denis, Belyaev, Pavel Krykov, Dmitriy Dogadin, Pavel Zakamov, Sergey Chudinovskikh, Alexander Anisimov, Frederic Warrick, Evgeniy Kurilov. Vladislav Soloviev was moved to B team, which had a new tournament since the start of 2008/09 season.

Six more players were signed before the first game of the season: Russians Dmitriy Nikolaev, Alexey Savkov, Stanislav Makshantsev, Americans Curtis Millage and Kevin Fletcher, who also held European passport, and Serbian Nenad Pistoljevic. One position remained vacant and Enisey said that they were planning to sign a center. Meanwhile the team had a pretty successful pre-season in Serbia and Croatia. Krasnoyarsk players won a friendly against decorated Croatian team Cibona, that played in Euroleague. Next Enisey won international tournament Kvarner Cup, held in Rijeka, Croatia. Tournament consisted of Enisey themselves, host club Kvarner, Slovan of Slovenia and Austrian Graz. However regular season began with a defeat in the Cup. Brazis’s men lost to Dinamo-Teplostroy of Superleague B in Chelyabinsk, having underestimated the opponent. Despite having a tough set of fixtures at the beginning of the season first victory didn’t take long. Dramatic victory against Triumph from Lyuberets came in the first month. It was last second of the game when Alexander Anisimov, who had come on just 7 seconds earlier, scored a three-pointer and won the game by one point 77:76.

The long-expected signing was completed in December 2008 and it rocked not only Russian basketball but European too. Enisey stroke a deal with Latvian Kasparas Kambala, who used to be thought of as one of the top European centres. He finished his 2 year ban mid December and had even tried his hand in boxing.

January 2008 was a real breakthrough for Krasnoyarsk team, having won 4 games, beating Ural-Great of Perm both home and away. It turned out to be decisive to get to play-offs. Play-offs - top 8! Given the current run of results, the final goal was corrected and Enisey achieved it with flying colours!

For the first time ever Enisey contested Superleague Play-Offs after finishing 8th with 8 wins out of 22. In the quarter-final stage Enisey met CSKA Moscow, losing twice 45:88 in Moscow and 70:97 in Krasnoyarsk. In 5-8 place play-offs Enisey faced Triumph. Hosts won in Lyuberets 83:70, but Algirdas Brazis’s men won the return leg in Krasnoyarsk 88:70. Decisive third game was lost 60:90. Enisey contested 7th place with Lokomotiv-Rostov. Our players came just short 72:77 in Rostov. And Rostov players only just won the return leg 61:68.

2008/2009 –Superleague A 8th place. Head coach - Algirdas Brazis. Squad: centers – Denis Belyaev (captain), Kaspars Kambala, Pavel Krykov, forwards – Kevin Fletcher, Stanislav Makshantsev, Dmitriy Nikolaev, Dmitriy Dogadin, Pavel Zakamov, guards – Alexander Anisimov, Frederic Warrick, Evgeniy Kurilov, Alexey Savkov, Curtis Millage, Nenad Pistoljevic, Sergey Chudinovskikh.

Season 2007/2008

During the off-season after winning Superleague B Vladimir Petrokovskiy was invited to join the coaching staff of Russian Students Team, that took part in XXIV Students’ Olympics in Bangkok in August 2007. Specialist from Krasnoyarsk assisted head coach Sergey Elevich. Unfortunately the Russian team went out in the quarter-finals and finished 6th. During the preparation stage for Students’ Olympics Enisey center Pavel Krykov was called up but failed to make the final cut.

Debut Superleague A season was the first ever when Krasnoyarsk team had foreign players. First players from overseas were American center Zandon Hamilton and guards Frederic Warrick from the USA and Croatian Igor Milicic, who also held Polish passport. Milicic had to leave the team midseason and young Serbian playmaker Stevan Nikolic took his place. During the regular Superleague A season our team won 3 out of 24 and finished 13th. During 9-13 play-offs Enisey managed to get 4 important victories and improve their position. The task was to avoid the drop and it was successfully accomplished. Because of importance of debut Superleague A season, the Cup was sacrificed and Enisey bowed out on the last 16 stage, losing against Dinamo-Teplostroy in Chelyabinsk.

2007/2008 – 12th place in Russian Superleague A. Head coach Vladimir Petrokovskiy. Squad: centers – Zandon Hamilton, Denis Belyaev (captain), Pavel Krykov,forwards – Dmitriy Dogadin, Alexander Krylov, Alexey Kuznetsov (joined in January 2008), Pavel Zakamov, Dmitriy Ivanov, Vladislav Soloviev, guards – Sergey Chudinovskikh, Alexander Anisimov, Frederic Warrick, Evgeniy Kurilov, Igor Milicic (left in midseason), Stevan Nikolic (joined January 2008), Andrey Fabrichnov.