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Map of the League - Enisey Krasnoyarsk

VTB-League.com and United League TV present a brand-new episode of Map of the League, our inside guide to the competition's cities and clubs.

On the banks of the mighty Enisey, you'll find the VTB United League's easternmost city: Krasnoyarsk. Despite its geographic distance from the rest of the league, people here love basketball. Playing in its 5th season in the league, Enisey has established an identity. Always a tough out at home, Krasnoyarsk's Siberian spunk has resulted in several big upsets over the years.Thanks to United League TV, you get to explore the city with forward Alexander Pavlov, hear about president Vladimir Petrokovsky's dreams for the club, get analysis from head coach Oleg Okulov, chat with one of the league's brightest young talents,Denis Zakharov, and much more.Check out this brand-new episode of Map of the League!


Source: vtb-league.com